NW Cannabis Classic –  JNS Lighting and Nutrients LLC Interview with Jamie. Hosted by Carlo Desierto Cashinbis CEO.  Here is a little about JNS:

JNS Lighting and Nutrients LLC is located in beautiful Snohomish, Washington within the Steuber Distributing complex located at 308 Third Street.  JNS Lighting and Nutrients is a family owned business, with over 37 years experience in the horticultural and agricultural industries.  Owner Jon Pettit is widely known and his extensive knowledge of plant culture is highly sought.

A staunch supporter of the horticultural and agricultural industries, Jon has seen first hand the struggle that growers face to stay competitive in the market.  It has become his mission and that of JNS, to bring innovative products to the market that are affordable, reduce operating costs and increase production.  In turn, allowing the industry to grow and profit and sustain the products that enrich our lives.

Furthering this mission, Jon continually researches new and emerging products that will enhance our industries. One of these areas is through the use of solar power.  In 2012 after surviving a stroke, this became his mantra “Imagine being able to produce food anywhere in the world where there is no power.  We can provide for the future, sustain the planet and mother earth, and more importantly ourselves and our childrens future.  I have a mission, and I cannot go before I fufilll my mission.”

Our future depends on sustaining these vital industries and we are all stewards in ensuring that success.