Having recovered from his admission that he had never seen a single moment of Dr. Who during last week’s series premiere, Damien DiStefano is back with another episode of theComplex original series Motor City High. As the owner of Detroit’s Over the Moon certification clinic, DiStefano is once again tasked with finding the most potent strains in all of Motor City.

Joined once more by his increasingly well-mustachioed THC tester Joe and resident fungus scholar Brent, DiStefano takes on the tedious task of proving the potential highability of Chocolate Hashberry, a purportedly delectable 50/50 hybrid. Will the strain meet the 12 percent threshold required of all officially recognized medical marijuana in Detroit? Will anyone even get high?

Find out above and keep it locked to Complex for the next episode of our original weed docuseries Motor City High.

​Chocolate Hashberry:
Voted Strain of the Year by High Times in 2006, Hashberry has a classic indica flavor with hashish undertones. Its thick stems are necessary to support the heavy buds, providing a classic aroma and flavor of mint or pepper. The effects begin swiftly and slowly plateau to the “mellow” phase. Toward the end, a body sensation begins but leaves the consumer still social and active.

Motor City High: “​Chocolate Hashberry​” Marijuana Strain | Ep. ​2​