Karen From Cannaflage Designs Hempfest Seattle 2015 Interview.

Cannaflage Designs is inspired by the healing essence of Cannabis. Images of flowers, buds and hanging gardens are fashioned into fractal and geometric designs that are dripping with crystals and color. We specialize in versatile, unique interior furnishings and accessories to help you create a relaxing environment for your home and business. Enjoy the multidimensional beauty of Cannabis as you and your guests watch Cannaflage Designs come to life! What will you see?

Order now, our entire line is “Limited Edition” from Southern Oregon’s annual growing season. Copyright 2013 by Cannaflage Designs. All Rights Reserved.

Have ideas about creating your own Cannabis design? We can help! We love custom orders and can create furnishings from your own garden’s magnificence. Email us for more information info@cannaflagedesigns.com